Sunday, November 1, 2015

Farmer's Wife

In the Farmer's Wife Sew Along we did two blocks this week. Granny and Jenny.
Granny done right
This block gave me fits. I put one together and wasn't happy so I made another.(both below)
Two attempts at Granny

I thought OK, I did it, but after I posted it on our Farmer's Wife Facebook page and started looking at others I realized that I put my block together wrong not just once but twice! If you compare the top one and then the picture of the two you will see the centers are square instead of diamond shaped. Anyway I learn something every time I do one of these blocks. 

The second one was Jenny. I had much less trouble with putting her together. 

So, this brings us to a total of 12 blocks. Lots of people are adding setting triangles to their blocks but I can't decide if they should be on point or lay them out square. Mmmmm, decisions decisions.....

This will be linked to Farmer's Wife Link Up Party. You can go there to see LOTS of other's blocks.


  1. So interesting to see your blocks, especially since we're using some of the same fabrics! You struggled with Granny, but I kept cutting out the Jenny with my trapezoids reversed. That has been my problem quite often with this Sew a long. You have to keep all the fabric laid out in the same orientation: al right sides up or all down. I'm learning for sure!

    Your blocks are looking wonderful, Sue.

    1. Thank you Julie, I see your blocks on Facebook and I think they are great too! This sew along is so much fun! We get three blocks this week!!