Saturday, October 31, 2015

Let there be light

 In our old house my sewing room was a guest bedroom. I was always walking around a queen size bed and my sewing chair was always up against the bed. So when we moved to this house I dedicated one room to just my sewing room and of course I picked the bigger of the two rooms.  The room was great but it didn't have enough light. There was a light on the ceiling fan but it only had 40 watt bulbs which was pretty much useless. I added 5 lamps in the room and still I had issues with lighting especially when taking pictures. Well a year after moving I finally got my lighting done by my wonderful electrician hubby.

 There are three lights over my sewing table and three over my cutting area.
 One of the things my husband hated was my use of extension cords and extra connectors. With the lighting it fixed half the issues with cords but I had one at my ironing board and he really didn't like that especially since it would spontaneously shut off and on when I would use the iron. To fix this he installed a 4 plug outlet that is controlled by a light switch so I don't have to unplug the iron and the lamp I just flip the switch. He also made it so that outlet is dedicated to just one 20 amp circuit by it self.
Light switch controlling a 4 plug outlet. 

Close up of light switch
It seems like my sewing room is always a work in progress but for now I am very happy with it and very thankful for my husband and his electrical abilities!! 



  1. I love the way your blocks are turning out, Sue. The colors really compliment each other so well.

    1. Thanks Jen, I love your fabric. It is so cute!!