Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time flies when you are having fun in the sewing room!

Wow it has been a while without an update. I have been unusually busy these past two weeks so I haven't posted here so I am going to do several short posts rather than one long one.

This post will be an update on the Farmer's Wife quilt a long.

Meet Addie,(above) She was easy to piece and I love the color combinations. You almost get a secondary look when you use a dark just outside the central square. I love the Scottie dogs.

Up next is Katherine. She is made of all half square triangles. She was a quick block to piece. What takes time with these blocks in picking out the different fabrics. I think I spend more time picking out fabric than I do actually cutting and sewing these blocks. 

This is Milly. I love the block but the picture does little for her looks. I will take a pictures outside soon and see if they come out better. 
 Aimee was VERY troublesome!! Before I started on this block there was talk online about how she was hard to piece and we couldn't use the Marti Michell templates for this block so I thought I would try paper piecing on this one. It wasn't too hard but she was a little small when I got done. It was only about 1/8 of an inch but I was looking for 6 1/2 and so I use the templates that came with the book. Knowing that the templates from the book print out a smig small I cut each piece a smig larger. LOL What a mess. It came out way too big so I pitched it before I took a picture. Still on a pursuit for perfection I made another using the templates from the book, this time cutting right on the lines.
So here is Aimee 2, she is the exact same size as the paper pieced one. 1/8 too short. Well the lesson here is stop looking for perfect when you can stretch fabric enough to make up for 1/8 of an inch. 

This is Nancy. She was a refreshing change compared to Aimee. This one I used the Marti Michell Templates and she came out at 6 1/2 in. I fussy cut the center but got it off a little so I might make it again. I really want to have these set on point in the quilt and if I do that I have to remake a few blocks. 

Well, that is enough for now. I would love it if you would leave me a comment so I know you have been here. If you don't comment I feel like I am just talking to myself. If you are the first to comment, just click on where it says No Comments and it will open a box for you to leave a comment. Thanks for spending a bit of your time with me. 


  1. I love your blocks! I am way behind in this adventure, but will hopefully catch up soon.

    1. Thank You, I just keep making them when ever I get time. So far I am caught up but that can change fast too. :-) I really do enjoy this book and QAL