Saturday, October 17, 2015

Such a sweet surprise

It is always nice when you get to see something you made be used and loved. I just saw this picture on Facebook. It a baby on one of MY quilts. I asked his mommy if I could use it on the blog and she said yes.

This is Elliot. Isn't he just darling!! This is my hair dresser's baby and that is the quilt I gave her before he was born. 
Elliot's mommy is Grace Konski and she owns The Parlor in Morton IL so if you are ever in need of a GREAT hair cut check her out. 

I also got caught up with my Farmer's Wife Blocks for the week and that feels good. I hate being behind. It makes me crazy! (Oh I can here people who know me saying I am already crazy whether I am behind or not.)
Here are the next few Farmer's wife blocks. 
This one is #20 Caroline I am really enjoying using the Marti Michell Templates in doing these blocks. I was just using the printed templates but that made my blocks a wee bit shy of 6.5" but using the templates it is coming out perfect. 
This one is #14 Betty. Reading all the stories of these women from back in the depression era are amazing. You would think that they would be sad but they aren't they are very uplifting and inspiring. If they can be happy in that day, then I should be able to be happy with all the modern comforts and enough money that I can grocery shop without too much worry about what I spend. 
This one is #24 Coral I had fun with all the fussy cutting. Many of the other's doing this quilt-a-along eliminated the seam in the flying geese units but I just cut everything with the Marti Michell templates.

This one is #13 Belle, she was tricky. She has "Y" seams and it takes some doing to get it just right but she is done and I thought it went very well. ;-)
 I am working on another block of the month and I have to finish one block then I will show you the quilt so far. It is totally different than Farmer's Wife blocks. Also, I was commissioned to do a T-shirt quilt and I can't wait to get started. It is all Fighting Illini so it should be fun!! 


  1. Great work! Your fabrics are adorable.

  2. I know how you feel seeing the things you create use! It makes my heart sing! Your blocks are so cute! You did a great job!