Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I may need THERAPY!!

I think I have become addicted to BOM's (block of the month.) It seems I want to do everyone I see and let me tell you there are LOTS of BOM's. A quick google search will lead you to hundreds of them. I follow many quilting blogs and it seems they ALL have BOM's and I just can't stand not to follow along.

Currently I am working on:

Pile O' Fabric's Skill builder BOM

This was started last year and has been delayed due to illness of the designer. I have a few more pieces of the circle done but it is so large it is hard to get a picture. I can't stand not being able to finish it but until she gets well I will just have to wait. It is so different from anything I have ever done.

Don't Call Me Betsy Epic BOM
I just love these blocks, They are mostly foundation paper pieced and I am loving the colors in this!! This fabric is all different fabric lines but mostly modern fabrics.

Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew along
This one is usually 2-3 blocks a WEEK so technically isn't a BOM.  This picture is the most of the blocks. I will take a better picture next month. Maybe we will have some sun by then.

Sister's Sampler Bonfire BOM

These are the January blocks. This was my first time with curved piecing and it was a good thing they were designed to be trimmed down as mine were a bit wonky. :-) 

Blossom Heart Quilts's Modern Half Square Triangles Quilt Along
This one is being done with Alison Glass fabrics and I just love them. Can't wait to do more!!

Blossom Heart Quilts Bee Hive Quilting Bee
This is a quilting bee but we do a block every month. There are 12 members in my group in which I am the leader of this USA group. There are several around the globe. We each choose a month in which we are "Queen Bee" and we choose a block from a list. Then the other members of the "hive" make our chosen block  and  mail it off to the Queen. This is January's block! So fun! I used some of my favorite fabrics. I am making three blocks each month but we only are required to make one for the Queen. I am sending two blocks to the Queen and keeping one for myself and will put it together as a sampler quilt to remember this year.

Blossom Heart Quilts Aurora Starry Sampler BOM
January Blocks

Febuary Blocks

This BOM is made with Anna Marie Horner fabrics. I just love the bold colors! This photo was posted on Instagram and then featured on Blossom Heart Quilts blog post today. Boy, it sure is an honor to have the creator of a BOM feature your work on her blog!!!! As you can see by the number of quilts I am doing by Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts I am really a fan. She is very sweet and I love her work!

Mighty Lucky Quilt Club
I am also doing the monthly Mighty Lucky Quilt club which is a " monthly subscription club that focuses on challenging you with design concepts in the quilt making process. It's like a gym membership for quilters!
I kinda copped out on this one this month. I have done bias tape before (see photo above for the Skill builder BOM) and I had some 1/4" bias tape already made so I just put a heart on this fabric and made a zipper bag for my magnifying glass. I had been thinking all month of a grand design made with bias tape but with everything else I will have to wait until I have a bit more time to play. 

Parkbench Quilt

Once a month or so I get in a block for my Parkbench quilt. When this quilt first came out is was a BOM but I just bought the pattern and kit and have set myself a goal of doing a block or two a month.

Quilt Planner
And then there is my new Quilter's Planner that has a block each WEEK that I plan to do but haven't started yet.

So as you can see I really think I need therapy or just more days of the month!!

I have done several small projects this month. I have shared those on Instagram and Facebook. So check those out too.

One of the things I would like to do in the future is design and sponsor my own BOM. Someday I'll do that.
Another thing I have been working on is designing my own quilt. I have the main part of the quilt top done and I can't wait to share it with you but I want to write the pattern up and reveal it then.

As always leave me a comment. I would love to know what you are working on. Do you do any Quilting Bee's or BOM?


  1. I am addicted to BOM's too! I'm teaching one in my LQS, and I'm actively participating in 3 others. Plus I signed up for two more and haven't started them. I love all of your blocks, Sue!

    1. Julie, thank you for your comments!! I should update where I am with all of these projects. I will check out your blog.